"Stole my heart. Instantly and sincerely. I want your album!!!!"

-Lexi M.

"Your voice made me feel things that only a lover should make me feel. "

-Brandi T.

"Frickin' awesome"

-Mary Ann P.

"11 year friendship over the Internet because I liked your music online so yeah, I'd say it's worth listening to."

-Catherine W.

"You're a very talented musician/song writer!"

-Chad B.


-Doug N.

"...this songwriter and all-around artist inspires me so much with her complete dedication to both the craft and pleasure of creating her music..."

-Margaret M.

"Aerica's songs are some of the very best efforts coming out of Aerica. 10/10 would listen to Aerica again!"

-Stephen G.

"Inherently kind soul, angelic voice, devilish spirit."

-Allison S.

"I thought my girlfriend was going to kill me with how hard I was swooning watching her play...until I had noticed she had fallen for Aerica harder than I had."

-David C.

"Erica is beloved by my dog, who is an excellent judge of both character and musical abilities. I hold her in the highest regard."

-Amelia C.

"Hearing you sing sends my body into a relaxed state. I wish I was closer so I could see you play live again"

-Nikole C.

"Aerica Lauren - changing the world one lyric, one note, one radiant heartbeat at a time." 
Linda H.
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